UFC Refresh select 100% Thai authentic source of ingredient, no added sugar, not from concentrate with best natural taste and aroma. Natural rehydration with 5 essential electrolytes able to boost up the refreshment during your wonderful day

Coconut Water with Watermelon

Watermelon Water

100% Coconut Water


Enjoy the velvety taste of a plant-based alternative to traditional dairy milk

Coconut Milk Chocolate

Oat Milk Dark Chocolate

Coconut Milk Drink Chocolate flavour

Almond Milk

Oat Milk

Coconut Milk

Oat Milk – Barista


UFC Soupe is ready to eat soup as a home-made recipe soup, made from selected natural ingredients from local farms, meticulously handful produced batch by batch.

Baby Corn Soup

Pumpkin Soup

Mushroom Soup


Natural great taste from finest fruits

UFC 100% Orange Juice

UFC 23% Mango Juice

UFC 100% Apple

UFC 80% Pineapple Juice


Freshen up yourself with natural fruit juice and drink come in many varieties everyone can find a favorite

UFC 100% Tomato Juice

Refresh 60% Coconuts Juice

Refresh Chrysanthemum Drink

Refresh Grass Jelly Drink

Refresh 23% Mango Juice

Refresh 30% Orange Juice


UFC Coffee is produced with quality Robusta coffee beans, has smooth bitter, superior aroma fragrance and pleasant balanced in flavor. Refresh, energy boost and enjoy yourself with great real coffee taste at anytime.

Black Coffee

Iced Coffee

Classic Blend Coffee


UFC fruit in syrup is made from premium quality large finest selected fresh product. Enjoy distinctive taste and delicate sweet dessert in every bite.

Lychee in Syrup

Longan in Syrup

Rambutan in Syrup

Rambutan stuffed with Pineapple in Syrup

Ginkgo in Syrup

Tropical Fruit Cocktail in Heavy Syrup

Toddy Palm in Syrup

Water Chestnut in Syrup


UFC vegetable is carefully selected from farms of Thailand. Quality made from the best of the crop. Processed and packed to retain their natural goodness. World class quality assurance standards.

UFC Champignons in Brine

UFC Golden Corn Cream Style

UFC Young Corn in Brine / Vinegar

UFC Green pea

UFC Cut Baby Corn in Brine

UFC Bamboo Shoots Slice / Strip in water

UFC Whole / Dice Tomato in Tomato Juice

UFC Beansprout in brine / water

UFC Sweet Corn Kernels in Brine


UFC sauces & seasoning made from premium quality selected from fresh ingredients create distinctive natural taste.

UFC Salted Soybean (Whole)

UFC Salted Soybean with mushroom (Whole)

UFC Sweet chili Sauce


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