Sustainability & Community

Community Cleanup Program
Jan-Jun 2022

UFC coordinated with community and Khelang Nakhon Municipality to organize cleaning activities to keep garbage in front of the factory on every Wednesday.

Product Donation For Don Yai Hom Community
Apr 2022

In April 2022, UFC Nakorn Prathom provided UFC products to the Don Yai Hom Municipality to be used to prepare survival bags for people who affected by the economic crisis during COVID-19 pandemic.

Product Donation For Highway Police Station
Mar 2022

In In March 2022, UFC Nakorn Pathom provided UFC products to Highway Police Station at the COVID-19 screening check point Nakorn Pathom during Songkran Festival.

School Uniforms Donation
Feb 2022

In February 2022, UFC Nakorn Pathom took part in public relation to donate 2nd hand school uniforms from employees to the highland underprivileged children in Chiang Mai.

Sustainability Commitment
Feb 2022

UFC is committed to sustainability as a core value.

One of the key initiatives to enhance the well-being of our communities is to use environment-friendly
fuel for our operations.

Over the years, the usage of biomass fuel at both factories have intentionally been proportionately

In 2021, the proportion of biomass fuel used for the boilers at the Nakorn Pathom and Lampang
factories were 99% and 95% respectively.

In 2022, the company will install another new boiler that uses only biomass fuel at Lampang plant.

In addition, both factories also use solar energy as part of our continuous efforts to contribute
towards sustainability.

Clean Solar Energy at UFC Lampang factory
Nov 2020

As a continuous effort on sustainability, UFC has installed another solar energy rooftop at
Lampang factory,following the first installation at Nakhon Pathom factory in January 2020.

The solar power is generated using on-grid system with 600 kW that can be used in conjunction
with the power from provincial electricity authority. The deployment of this solar power panel
has resulted in 20-30% savings of electricity usage.

UFC cherishes the community we live in and takes pride in contribution towards the reduction of
Carbon Dioxide emission on earth.

However small, we all can make a difference.

Pantry of Sharing
Jun 2020

In order to help people who have fallen on hard times during Covid-19 pandemic, “ Pantry of Sharing ”
was set up and has been rapidly increasing across the country.

UFC staffs have also taken part in this kind-hearted act by sharing UFC products into the cupboard
around Bangna office.

The Kitchen of Sharing
Jun 2020

Committed to caring for the community we live in, UFC has supported “The Kitchen of Sharing
by Excise Department “ program by donating UFC products via Excise office in Nakhon Prathom.

The program was meant to support people who were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic with
food and drinks.

Clean Solar Energy
Jan 2020

UFC cherishes the community we live in. As a modest effort, we installed solar energy rooftop
to provide clean solar energy at our factory at Nakhon Pathom, Thailand.

We take pride that we are contributing towards the reduction of Carbon Dioxide emission on earth.
However small, we all can make a difference. We will continue to do our part.

Blood donation
Jan 2020

UFC Staffs donated blood to Thai Red Cross.

Children’s day activities
Jan 2020

UFC supported products for Children’s day activities to 19 institutions including schools
and government sectors.


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