UFC Fun In Hua Hin

18 Jul 2019 , MALAYSIA

Calling all our Malaysian friends! This is your chance to visit the wonderful Hua Hin, Thailand!

Five lucky pairs will be receiving 3D2N Free & Easy Package to Hua Hin with flight and hotel included. Get all these by just purchasing UFC products! The contest starts from 24 July to 31 August 2019 and is exclusively for Jaya Grocer only. Excited to win??? Check the steps below:

Step 1: Purchase RM15 worth of any UFC products from any Jaya Grocer Outlets in Malaysia or Jaya Grocer Online @ jayagrocer.com during the contest period.

Step 2: Answer the following question correctly: “UFC Refresh Watermelon Water is made from specially selected Authentic Thai Kinnaree Watermelons.” (YES/NO)

Step 3: Take a complete and clear photo of the receipt.

Step 4: Send the photo of the receipt complete with personal details and answers to the questions given to WhatsApp no. 011-2333 0123. <UFCHUAHIN>#<NAME>#<IC NUMBER>#<ANSWER>#<TOTAL PURCHASE AMOUNT>#<EMAIL>#<MOBILE NUMBER>

Example: UFCHUAHIN Amin Daud 860708145397 YES RM21.50 amindaud@gmail.com 0197788080

Step 5: Retain original receipt for validation purpose. Wait for the result. Winners will be notified through email/phone

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